Let's go!

It’s time for us all to go the extra mile for Ukraine

Our pledge:

  1. To donate 5% of all H&L Motors sales during the full month of March 2022 to the DEC to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Terms and conditions of our pledge:

  1. ‘H&L Motors’ means H&L Motors of 70 Wellington Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW2 5NX.
  2. ‘Customer’ means an individual customer of H&L Motors.
  3. ‘The DEC’ means the Disasters Emergency Committee fund (https://www.dec.org.uk)
  4. Sales will be calculated as any sale invoiced from 1st – 31st March 2022 to all customers relating to motoring services. For example, if a customer is a member of the H&L Motors loyalty scheme and a loyalty discount is applied to their invoice, the 5% will be based on the discounted invoiced amount.
  5. Payment will be made by H&L Motors to the DEC by 30th April 2022
  6. The donation is the responsibility of H&L Motors and cannot be switched to an alternative charity
  7. The pledge does not apply to MOT tests, but will apply to any sales agreed with the customer resulting from rectifying any problems found during the test.
  8. H&L Motors reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time without notice.