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Your air conditioning (AC) is a complex system containing a number of components including a compressor, condenser, refrigerant and evaporator to take heat from the vehicle and convert it into cool air.

With so many parts, air conditioning systems require maintenance to perform at their best and avoid expensive repairs - something few of us think about until something goes wrong.

5 common signs of AC problems: 

  • Warm air – Your vehicle’s air conditioning loses around 10% of refrigerant per year so if your system is working but the air isn’t very cold, you may need your refrigerant topped up or recharged
  • Weak or no air– This can be a sign of a leak caused by moisture in the system or age.  It could also indicate a problem with your compressor
  • Odour– Over time dirt and pollutants will pass through the system. If there is a bad smell when you turn it on, this is probably an indication that bacteria and germs have built up
  • Rattling sound – Debris could be clogging up the system or there could be an issue with the condenser
  • Condensation – Particularly around the dashboard can be a sign of problem and should be checked