Problems caused by wheel alignment issues

Did you realise that poor wheel alignment issues on your vehicle can be the cause of many driving problems, cost you money and ultimately affect safe driving?

It really only takes a small misalignment of your wheels to cause problems, so we recommend you regularly have your wheel alignment checked.  Ensuring they are accurately aligned according to your manufacturer’s recommendations will help to:

  • Stop premature and uneven tyre wear which increases the lifespan and safety of your tyres. Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear.  Over the years, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to tyre life.
  • Reduce fuel consumption resulting from reduced rolling resistance, which allows your vehicle to use fuel more efficiently. Fuel mileage increases as rolling resistance decreases. Total alignment sets all four wheels parallel which, along with proper inflation, minimises rolling resistance. So total alignment is good for both your pocket and the environment.
  • Improve handling of your vehicle, which results in a safer and more comfortable ride. Many handling problems can be corrected by total alignment. And with all the system components aligned properly, road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride

If your vehicle pulls to one side or the steering wheel vibrates, that could be a sign of a wheel alignment issue. We have invested in world-leading wheel alignment technology with the Pro-Align Hunter model to provide Four Wheel Alignment for the most accurate results.  To find out more or book your vehicle in, please click here

This is just part of the H&L Motors commitment to continually investing and training in industry-leading technology to offer our customers the best quality customer experience. Pro-Align Hunter is just one of the many investments we have added to our Specialist Wheel Centre on site – visit our wheel centre