Our Green Journey Road Map to Carbon Neutral

At H&L Motors, we want to play our part and have pledged to become a NET ZERO company. We know we still have a long way to go, but we recognise the need to make changes now and are constantly looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint on the planet.  Please see below the changes we have made and have planned for the future so far.

Completed To Date

  • Use of water based paint
  • 100% recycling of thinners
  • 100% of all batteries sent for recycling
  • Recycling of cardboard
  • All waste oil sent for recycling
  • Brake fluid sent for recycling
  • Antifreeze sent for recycling
  • All metal sent for recycling
  • Gas Central Heating removed from Main Office Building
  • Gas Heating removed from Wheel Centre Building
  • Fully Approved Volkswagen Group electric vehicle repair centre
  • New energy efficient Compressor installed
  • Main reception  converted to low energy LED lighting Feb 2022

In progress

  • Conversion to LED low energy lighting including outside flood lighting: 80% complete


  • 2 new Electric Ovens
  • Removal of Gas Central heating in all workshops
  • Gas free by tbc