Let's go!

2023 marks 7 decades dedicated to the love of cars

The H&L Motors story begins in 1953, when Henry Laney set up his one-man vehicle servicing and repair business operating on the current H&L Motors. Founded on the belief that customers should expect superior workmanship and exceptional customer service, his business soon made a name for itself, and Henry became a trusted pillar of the local community.  Much has changed since those days, with 3rd generation Jonathon Laney now running a team of over 40 specialist vehicle technicians. However, the values that Henry held so dearly are still the driving force behind our family business today.

The H&L Motors journey is one of hard work and determination. When disaster struck in the 70’s and Henry’s landlord put the premises up for sale, Henry’s dream almost reached an abrupt end.  But, undeterred, Henry went cap in hand to the Bank Manager and returned the same day with a loan to buy the site. Although he didn’t realise it at the time, the gamble he was taking would be one of the defining decisions in the history of the business, securing the site for the future and enabling years of investment and diversification.

When Henry hung up his overalls for the last time in 1982, his son Peter Laney took control of the business.  During the 80’s Peter ramped up investment including in paint technologies, aluminium welding facilities and new workshops.  In 1999 Jonathon joined the business and worked his way up to partner, bringing his IT training to help the business develop skills in complex diagnostics and vehicle programming. Never a family to rest on its laurels, our commitment to investment in technology whilst upholding Henry’s original values of quality workmanship and faultless customer service, has seen a pattern of continual development and improvement.  Allowing us to be granted coveted Manufacturer Approvals by a number of the world’s most esteemed car marques, which we still hold to this day.

With a love of cars at its heart, H&L Motors is not just about business. As car enthusiasts ourselves, it has always been important to us to also finance staff training and specialist equipment.  This allows the business to carefully provide the most complex repair, servicing and restoration all vehicles  including prestige and specialist cars. Locally you may have spotted our restored 1953 “mascot” Morris Minor (as old as the business), which is still running today and can often be seen at events that H&L Motors support in the community.

2023 will mark an important milestone for our family business, as we celebrate our 70th year anniversary.  We are extremely grateful for the loyal support of our customers that has helped us get this far and can’t wait to see what the future holds.